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College street has great arts & culture influenced by many nations.
Come visit us today is a new brand of radio that will be available through online live streaming as well as on an App ( The App will be available through Apple as well as Android providers and will be free and accessible to anyone. will feature programming for the Portuguese communities around the world and will provide a wide range of interesting topics that anyone can listen to. It will provide our listeners with cutting edge access to all types of statistical information and content, including sports, world news, food, community and cultural event coverage as well as traditional and modern Portuguese music.
Starting December, 2013 will be launching and streaming programming that will be fresh, open minded and easy to listen to. Our love of food will be a main focus of the programming and will be highlighted with a show that will feature foods from the different regions of Portugal and how these foods have affected our lives. will be featuring music second to none with originality and will strive to intertwine creativity into all its programming to offer something for every taste.
The experience will be fresh and cutting edge. We look forward to sharing it with you.

Blue Moth Creative is an artistic multimedia communications organization that produces web design, audio, video and photography. They are located within The Peach Gallery in the heart of Little Italy, Toronto. Unique style, natural simplicity and creative ingenuity entwine to form each of their creations.

The Portuguese Canadian Walk of Fame is located at the recently inaugurated Camoes Square situated at the corner of College and Crawford St. Positioned in the heart of a vibrant community of people of all backgrounds, it is intended to honour those with a Portuguese background who have made an impact and significant contribution to the advancement of Portuguese Canadian culture in Canada.
It was inaugurated on June 2nd, 2013 during celebrations to commemorate 60 years of immigration to Canada.
Each year three new inductees will be honoured with a star in the Walk of Fame. Inductees will be chosen by a committee of individuals from recommendations based on a national survey. The ceremony will occur each year in June to commemorate Portugal Day.

The Peach Gallery was founded in November 2012 by a group of local art dealers, collectors and makers, including the legendary Walter Moos. The gallery’s mission is to present the public with a unique and lively mix of local and international artists that are established and emerging.
The open, skylight lit gallery is 2700sq ft and lined with offices for art dealers, design, framing and printing. The gallery also focuses on other artistic disciplines as it includes a music school, a recording studio and a radio station. The Peach Gallery aims to become a central hub of the Toronto arts scene where creatives and art lovers gather for art openings and charity auctions, launches and events.

Peach Radio is a next generation broadcast hub focusing on all original production. The podcast-driven web station features a variety of content including local and international artists, talk shows and interviews with bright and eclectic individuals.

Tune in to hear everything from music recorded live at Peach Radio, to conversations that touch on topics as diverse as politics, community and artistic expression.

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