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Feature film production

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    Camoes Radio is a new brand of radio that will be available through online live streaming as well as on an App ( The App will be available through Apple as well as Android providers and will be free and accessible to anyone. will feature programming for the Portuguese communities around the world and will provide a wide range of interesting topics that anyone can listen to. It will provide our listeners with cutting edge access to all types of statistical information and content, including sports, world news, food, community and cultural event coverage as well as traditional and modern Portuguese music.
    Starting December, 2013 will be launching and streaming programming that will be fresh, open minded and easy to listen to. Our love of food will be a main focus of the programming and will be highlighted with a show that will feature foods from the different regions of Portugal and how these foods have affected our lives. will be featuring music second to none with originality and will strive to intertwine creativity into all its programming to offer something for every taste.
    The experience will be fresh and cutting edge. We look forward to sharing it with you.